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10 Reasons why I’m staying in Bangkok

After already 16 months in Thailand (that went fast), my friends and family are asking when I’m going back to France. I’ve been asking myself the question too, only to find always the same answer, I would only go back to France for some vacations and see my friends.

I questioned many time if I should stay in Thailand, it would be easier to get a visa and make good money in New Zealand, Canada or anywhere else in Europe as being French entitle me to live and work (almost) everywhere. (Think Ibiza 🙂 ).

Yet, I’m still here in the land of smile with no intention to move. Here is the top 10 reasons why.



1 – The Lifestyle

I talked about it before, the daily life is easier here than anywhere else I’ve been. Being able to shop 24/7, food everywhere, anytime, major parties every nights, being able to fix my bike without appointment in a few hours, cheap massages, friendly, relax and respectful people… The list goes on and on. And you get used to those small things pretty fast, so much than after only over a year, I don’t feel like living without it.


2 – The People

Welcome to the land of smile. There’s no other words and if of course it’s not true for everyone, if some are stressed, if some are annoying sometime because they can be slow and just don’t want to get it. Mainly, you get used to people smiling, being relaxed, you learn to pace yourself and adapt to this slower rhythm because a lot I’ve tried to push them, but Thais won’t change tomorrow, and it’s better that way.


3 – The Food

I don’t know where to start, and there’s so much to be said about it. From Street Food to awesome restaurants and buffets, Thailand and especially Bangkok pack everything you could dream of. Eat Pad Thai for 40THB for lunch and a French Cheese Platter for dinner. Anytime, everywhere you have affordable and really good food available.



4 – Opportunities

Apparently Thai economy have been slowing down the last few years, it might be true, but not in every areas or businesses. New buildings being constructed everywhere, new restaurants/bars opening popping up, tourists everywhere… Money is still flowing here and the great lifestyle have attracted a bunch of really smart people pushing the country forward in many areas. I’ve met so many interesting people coming from around the world, so many stories and ideas. Nothing stay still, everything’s changing and a lot of opportunities come with each of this change.


5 – The Sun

No matter what Jon Snow says, “Winter is NOT coming”, at least, not to Thailand, EVER. As a guy that hate being cold, I found heaven. Wearing shorts and a t-shirt everyday of the year is the most simple pleasure I could enjoy everyday. It might not suit everyone, but if you like summer, here’s a version of an (sometime rainy) endless one.

white sand beach hua hin


6 – It’s an Open Gate to Thailand and Asia (and the world)

If like me you love to travel, you’ll find Bangkok is one of the best place you can stay in the world. Thailand itself is packed of awesome places, Islands, beaches, jungle, mountains, there’s a lot to explore. Then you have cheap flights to Asia and to the world. A few hours only from Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Singapore, … and not even that far from Europe or Australia. Bangkok is definitely one of the best spot for travelers.


7 – The Girls

Ahah of course I have to talk about it. I would be a liar if I didn’t mention it. It’s not only about liking Asian girls, Thai girls have something more, this easy-going, fun and charming way. It’s not only about beautiful girls, of course there’s ton here (like everywhere I guess), but they’re attitude and the way they treat you makes you want more. Couldn’t find anyone to disagree with that.


8 – The Party Scene

Pool Parties all year round, festivals, big fancy clubs, cocktail bars, rooftop bars… This would please anyone that thirst for party at all time. You don’t have to wait for the weekend or stick to one kind of ambiance, music, bar… Start in a Speakeasy bar, move to a Go Go Bar, end up in a Club with Commercial, House, Electro Hip Hop … whatever music you want, any ambiance you want, any night of the week. That’s where the magic happens.

westin pool party bangkok


9 – It Helps you Staying Humble

Sometimes like everyone I feel like I had a rough day when life punch you right in the face and you have to force you’re way up again. But when I’m really down riding my bike home, I see this people in their 60’s, 70’s, sometime even more, who still work, push their food cart. You see many people even in the city center, living in really simple houses often packed with the whole family. And they don’t complain or feel bad about themselves, or at least they show it. It really helps you to stay humble and realize that at the end of the day, if you’re healthy and have enough to enjoy life, you got nothing else to complain about.

10 – The Challenge

As an expats you see everything differently. You have to adapt and find your place each day in that different culture, surrounded by people with a different mindset. Everything you have here, you gained it, sometime fought for it. The visa itself, the right of staying in the country could be a struggle sometime. It’s been 10 months since we started MojoSons, and 16 months I’ve been here, I’m still struggling making a decent living, I still have to learn Thai, I still haven’t got a bank account, … but at least all of this push me to get out of my comfort zone everyday and to learn more about this country, life and myself everyday, and I don’t want to give that up. At least not yet.


  1. UNICORN says:

    Keep going on !!! It’s good to read you again, I like it.

    Your fan number 1 <3

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