Want to know more about Fayamatt? I’m flattered!


My name is Matt and I’m a 26 years old ginger living in Bangkok, Thailand. Oh, and I’m Ginger (as you can see).


fayamatt monkey tshirt


I like Victoria Secret Models, old rum (like Zacapa XO in case you want to send me a bottle), traveling, developing businesses, partying, working out, taking pictures (check out my instagram) and in my spare time, sharing my stories here.


Sometime I would love to spend my day in bed with a girl, eating cheerios and watching Netflix. Unfortunataly, as I figured out a long time ago it wouldn’t make me multimillionaire or keep me in shape so I forget about that. Instead I workout and hustle, always looking for new ways to improve, create funny content for my readers and opportunities to fail.


Nowadays I’m running an Event Planning company based in Bangkok called MojoSons Events that I co-founded with a fellow french fucker in 2016. Basically that’s my excuse to party hard with half naked models in Suites and Villas, hangout on Yachts and spend most our nights out in VIPs and Gentlemen’s clubs. I write about it on our blog so if you’re looking about fun party stories, tips on partying in Thailand, accommodation, transportation, etc… go check it out.


Anyway, welcome to my world and my crazy mind. Make yourself at home. And feel free let me know what you’ve found helpful and awful, I’m always looking for ways to improve the blog and my posts so it can help and entertain as much people sa possible.


Until we meet for a Tequila Shot at 3am somewhere in the world, enjoy your time here and feel free to message me on twitter if you want to connect.


See ya.


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