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Happy Sunday
May 21, 2017
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Dwarf in Bangkok, hire a superhero midget for your party
June 4, 2017

Bangkok floods

fayamatt baywatch movie

Here’s another intense week that come an end.


A lot of things happened and it’s one more time a rollercoaster between good and bad news.


On the good side:

  • I had time to work on this blog and change the design. (let me know what you think in the comments)
  • Changed mojosons.com design as well. (actually the same as this one but with a few tweaks)
  • Tried a great and affordable Mexican Restaurant 5 minutes walk from my place. (El Diablo’s, I’ll be back)
  • Went to watch Guardian of the Galaxy 2 and found out cinema is only ฿100 on Wednesday (SF cinema, Terminal 21, Bangkok)
  • I edited a short video for MojoSons Events. (I really missed editing)
  • Worked on great improvements for MojoSons Events communication and advertising. (hopefully leading in more clients in the future)
  • Watched a lot of interesting stuff on Netflix, I get why people get so addicted to it. (Better Call Saul, Orange is the New Black, Documentaries…)


On the bad side:

  • I Broke My MotorBike!!!
    • I mean a plastic part of it, because I didn’t think there were that much water (damn Bangkok flood) and it just tore appart my plastic wing…. #fail
  • Still have not enough money to pay my bills next week.


That’s the main things. A pretty full week with a lot of stuff done, and some good stuff coming up.

cbr 150 broken wing


What you should check out this week:

  • Found this guy on Youtube: Andreas Hem, he has a production company with his twin brother and do kick ass videos and vlogs.
  • My Bucket List that I just translated to english. Stories coming up!
  • Listen to:
    • Ed Rec 100 by Ed Bangers. Because it’s Ed Bangers. (Daft Punk, Justice, Breakbot, Cassius…)
    • The new Jamiroquai: Automaton, if you haven’t do it yet, you should.

My 30 Day Challenge.

  • Practice Thai everyday. I got friends and my mum coming in June so I want to be able to help them more and make them experience more of Thailand. I’ll have to speak a little Thai for that. So it’s the right timing and excuse to really get to it.


That’s it for this week.

As you noticed I’m switching my blog to english, because I’m going to stay in Thailand (or at least overseas) for a while. I want to be able to share everything I write with people I meet everyday and to be honest there’s so many things I want to share about Bangkok and Thailand that I feel are missing on internet.


Cheers buddy, talk to you next week.

Enjoy yourself

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