When you make a Bucket List, you better dream BIG.

And realizing this dreams is what we call living, not only surviving.

Here’s my (not finished yet) BUCKET LIST!

That’s the list I should have start when I was a teen and complete over the years. It should have been my main focus in my early years as I didn’t go to Uni because you quickly find yourself stuck in a routine and you realize time’s flying.


So my goals is, ✅ to strike one line of this list each month and to write about it !

PS: It’s not a defined list, it will grow bigger.

PPS: Links lead to a website or wikipedia page that talk about it. If it strikethrough, it means there’s a story about it on the blog.


fayamatt yacht looking away

My Bucket List


Just for Fun (because I Can)




  • Learn how to play a song with a guitar.
  • Put together a party with over 100 people.
  • Be a Dj for a night.
  • Speak fluently Spanish
  • Speak some Thai
    • BONUS: Speak fluently Thai (now that I live here. )





Live Performances

Business/Money (Serge, la vérité!)

  • Be my own boss.
  • Buy a bar.
  • Make over 5k € in 1 month.
  • Have over 1 million € in my bank account.

My ” Checked List ✅ “