When you make your Bucket List, you better dream BIG.

And realizing this dreams is what we call living, not only surviving.

Here’s my (unfinished) BUCKET LIST!

Time’s flying so make sure you realize your dreams and achieve your goals today, take a step toward it, never stop moving.


So my goal is, ✅ to strike one line of this list each month and to write about it !

PS: It’s a never ending list, it will get bigger overtime.

PPS: Click on any link on the list to get more details about it ;).


fayamatt yacht looking away

My ” Checked List ✅ “


My Bucket List


Just for Fun (because I Can)

International Parties / Events


Learning New Skills

  • Learn how to play a song with a guitar.
  • Put together a party with over 100 people.
  • Be a Dj for a night.
  • Speak fluently Spanish
  • Speak some Thai
    • BONUS: Speak fluently Thai (now that I live here. )
  • Win a Live Poker tournament (min 500$ buy-in)
  • Win an Online Poker tournament (min 500$ buy-in)


Sport/Health Goals


Travels Dreams


Live Performances / Concerts

Business / Financial Goals

  • Buy a bar
  • Make over 5k $ in 1 month
  • Have over 1 million $ in my bank account
  • Be my own boss