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McGregor Vs Mayweather
August 23, 2017
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First time in a Gentlemen Club in Bangkok
September 10, 2017

Getting Focused, Learning Poker and Quitting Drinking

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August is coming to an end and it has been an interesting month, mainly focusing on me and my goals. I also made adjustments, choices and a plan on how to attain my short term goals and the main one would be be to drink less, surprisingly enough from me.


Why drink less alcohol?

I’m now 26, I’ve been a bartender for 5 years from 20 to 25, I’ve been drinking a lot, sometimes 7 days a week, weeks after weeks and who knows how much money I’ve spent in it, I’m sure I could afford a gap year by now. Do I regret? Absolutely not. Do I want to keep drinking as much as I used too? Hell no.

Main reason being, I have to admit I’m getting old and I don’t handle cheap alcohol as I used to do. Never had a hangover from drinking 23 years old Zacapa Rum but everything else and mainly beers are giving me a massive hangover this days which mean if I go out and drink as I used to, I won’t be able to get anything done the next day.

So because I can’t really afford Old Rum when I go out and not being productive for 24 hours, I’ve decided not to cut going out because I love the nightlife, but just to cut alcohol. Or at least in excess. I don’t put any pressure on me, I’m ok for a shot or a drink, but I won’t drink more than a few per night.

And after a month I have to say I feel better than ever. Not only I’ve saved money but I feel a lot better and sharper not to say I remember everything I’ve heard, said and done the next day which is priceless.

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Looking fresh at 11am when I haven’t been drinking.


Training hard and varying workouts.

Even though I’ve never been fat or anything, I’ve always associated being in shape with being more confident and feeling good. While I was looking at McGregor training for the fight I was looked at myself and I couldn’t stand to be out of shape at 26, in my prime. If there’s one time in my life when I have to be in a hell of a shape, with sharp abs and big arms and shoulders, it should be now or never.

I’m still training bodyweight with fizzup app but as they’ve added new features, I added new challenges (short and intense workouts) and stretching to my daily routines to get the edge. So far so good, I’m being patient, paying attention to what I eat and I plan on gaining a few more kilos by the end of the year. I’ll probably write about it and share some before/after pictures, but it’s looking good.


Step Up my mental game.

Once again, watching videos of Mayweather and McGregor preparing for the fight motivated me to work on my mental game again. I’ve been stressed a lot this year and I know all the mistakes I’ve made and my lack of improvements are due to me not being focused and strong enough mentally.

Falling in the comfort zone in some areas of my life, believing I couldn’t do some stuff even though I could have learn the skills I needed and improve by failing, I stood there and did nothing resulting in bigger failures.

Writing down your goals, the reason why you’re gonna succeed, improve your focus and believing in yourself are the keys to achieve anything. Forget that for a moment, stop improving, rely on what you’ve got and you’ll lose everything.

Study the law of attraction, listen to Tony Robbins tapes, read stories of successful people, study how to achieve anything, step up your mental game, keep on improving it, focus, and keep on practicing it daily to achieve greatness.


Last thing, Poker.

I’m learning slowly and practicing poker daily now, doing free tournaments on Winamax. So far I had one big win, finished 7th out of over 3,000 people and walked out with 3,80€. Not bad for a freeroll.

I’m gonna keep on playing freerolls and small tournament until I’ve learned enough to move to bigger table because I know right now I’ll lose money than I’ll win if I play bigger tournaments. I’m only starting to understand the game, learning when to fold and when play a hand, paying attention at players’ patterns,to the possibilities and I’m loving it so far, but I have a ton to learn.


fayamatt freeroll winamax 7th


Here you go, you know more about what I’m up to those day and I’m happy to me more consistent on this blog and on social networks, I’m really looking forward to post more and to share more stories, I’ve got a lot to share.


Have a great week and stay sharp, the best is yet to come.


  1. Nicole says:

    Aha, so it was water you were drinking yesterday? 😉

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