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May 28, 2017

Happy Sunday

westin pool party bangkok

And it’s already the last week of May that is starting tomorrow.

I can’t believe time’s flying that fast, I was 16 yesterday and now I’m just getting old. It sucks!

Anyway, back to Ginger’s Diary, entry #9519, season #26, Bangkok City.

I’m still fucking happy to be here and at the same time struggling to stay here. (financially and legally speaking)

I can’t get bored of Thailand and remain grateful to have so much tasty (and quite healthy) food around at all time and for only a few euros. (let say around 100 bahts per meal only because I eat a lot).

Last night I had fried chicken while I was walking back home from the Westin Pool Party and it was way better and cheaper than this damn KFC. Yeah I was tipsy, but that’s not the point. This chicken was freakin’ good. (Corner of Sukhumvit soi 16, before the 7/11 if ya wanna try it).

Talking about Westin Pool Party!

Met some people from Westin Hotel Management so I fell like I finally get an excuse to go check it out, and now I feel stupid it took me over a year to go there. I did all the other main ones (Sofitel So, Blast!!!, …) but this was is as good and quite inexpensive as well, definitely worth it. Count 400 bahts for entry with a drink AND open bar from 2pm til 3pm, so arrive early. As you can guess I was there around 2pm.

Oh and again I managed to get zero picture of me taken (which I could finally use to keep up posting on Instagram) except one with my middle fingers in the air… FUCK… ME!

fayamatt fingers pool party

June is coming

I got a friend and my mother coming over from France (not at the same time, thank God) and I’m broke (still) so it’s gonna be a challenge to party and travel with them with a few thousand bahts. Might be a good idea for an blog post, “how to spend good time in Thailand with your friends/family when you’re broke”. We’ll see how it goes.

What you should check out this week


Pick a “30 days Challenge” for June

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a video that’ll explain the idea.

So what’s yours for June?

Mine has to be practicing Thai everyday. I’ve been living here for a year and even today, can’t order in the street or read a menu. I’m ashamed of myself, big time!

That’s about it for today.

Stay Crazy and kill your comfort zone! Be Bold!



  1. Nicole says:

    hahahaha yes! Unbelievable that it took you over a year to check out our party!! You should feel stupid 😉

    • fayamatt says:

      Ahah, it took you 2 years for a body sushi, no? 😀
      Will be back soon and this time I take a bottle 😉

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