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September 10, 2017
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Going to a hospital in Bangkok for the first time

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Like everyone I’m not a big fan of hospitals but when you want to do a check up, need a vaccine and don’t speak Thai, a private hospital is the best option you got. And to be honest going to a hospital in Bangkok isn’t a terrible experience.


Of course nobody want to go there and we all want to be healthy forever but unfortunately once in awhile you have to go pay them a visit. I chose to try Sukhumvit Hospital, close to Ekamai BTS station on Sukhumvit road and it all went fine.


Big And Empty

First thing that is shocking, the reception is filled with not less than 10 people, waiting there to take care of you as soon as you cross the door. They take your details and put them into the system before they send you to the right part of the hospital. Everything is impressively big, clean and empty. Each service got a massive waiting room that usually have free water and coffee. It’s awesome but most of the time you don’t even have the time to make yourself a coffee because everything goes fast.

sukhumvit_hospital bangkok waiting room


Staff Everywhere

I haven’t been to many hospitals in my life (Thank you Karma) but each room you go in is at least twice bigger than it would be in France. Same for the staff, every service you go, there’s twice more people than necessary.

It’s almost shocking in some services. There’s way more staff than patients everywhere you go. When western hospitals are lacking staff, no problem here.

The great thing about having so much staff is you almost never have to wait, there’s always a nurse free to take your blood, or a receptionist to walk you to your next appointment… Crazy. You don’t have to plan get stuck there half a day to get an exam, so great.

sukhumvit hospital bangkok doctor room


Doing a Checkup

Never did a complete check up in a hospital back home but I know that every places I went to to get my blood tested, I had to wait at least 30 minutes. Here in 2 hours, I had blood test, urine test, a Xray for my chest, a vision test, a dentist to check my teeth, a vaccine and a meeting with a doctor to talk about the results. And all that for around 5,000 THB (4000 THB for the checkup, including a coupon for food, and 1,000 THB for the vaccine).


sukhumvit hospital bangkok checkup

Bangkok Hospital have a great value for money

No idea how much it would have cost me back home but I would have take a while, I guess I would have to go to different places, not only the hospital, to get everything tasted and cost twice more.

Still, get an insurance as soon as you settle here, because all this hospital have a great value for what you pay but if you happen to get really sick or have an accident and need surgery, it will cost you all your saving. It’s not rare to see people ending up with bills of hundreds thousands of bahts. Oh and you pay as soon as you’re treated, no delay unless you have an insurance that cover the cost.

Same thing as for the rest of your journey, there’s always a staff to take you to the next step, … this time, the cashier.


Enjoy the quality but don’t pay full price for it. (get an insurance)

What’s your experience in a hospital in Bangkok? Good or bad?

sukhumvit hospital bangkok coffee

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