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October 24, 2017

November 2017: Having a drink with a princess and skipping breakfast.


There’s so many things going on at the moment so I thought before I get back to regular posts (I’ve got a lot of posts regarding Bangkok, the lifestyle in Thailand and MojoSons coming up) I would update you about what’s going in my life.


Summer is coming in Bangkok, we’re done with the rain and I’m still hard at work to move toward my goals (got a new office too, I will give you a tour soon 😇.) I’m once and for all tired of struggling with money so I’m focused on increasing my income and my brands (Fayamatt and MojoSons) so expect to hear a lot about this in the next months.


I’ve been invited to share a drink with a princess of Thailand

One of the random thing that happen when you run a Event Planning company in Thailand. A client asked me to help him organize a press release event in Bangkok.

After 2 days working on it we met for lunch and he told me his friend, the princess of Thailand, have recommend him to work with one of her friend for the event. Of course he accepted (who wouldn’t) and MojoSons Events was out. But at least I was invited to the party. (Influence Chain Bangkok recap)


After awesome shows and 3 hours of speeches in Thai and Chinese (I didn’t understand a word of what was going on 😂😂) and countless selfies with the chinese crowd (we were only 2 white guys, so everybody wanted a pictures with us ahah), time for drinks on the rooftop of Sofitel So. It’s where I had a chance to share a drink with the princess. Another random day in Thailand.


influence chain bangkok fayamatt influence chain bangkok thai princess


I’ve been Skipping Breakfast for a few weeks.

Is it really skipping breakfast if you have it after your morning workout instead of before?

Anyway, my new morning routine look like that:

Wake Up > Coffee while checking social Networks (hardcore Instagram those days) > Workout > Breakfast at Work.

Chris Heria from ThenX is a machine. This guy has build a huge business around him and his calisthenics workout videos/app (Check out OfficialThenX). Anyway, he started vlogging a few weeks ago and talked about working out before breakfast in one of his vlog as a way to burn carbs.

Judging by the guy look I guess he sort of know what he’s talking about. 😂

First days are hard but then your body get use to it and I’m now feeling better when I work out. Before/After pictures coming soon. 😏


I’m now officially living in Bangkok

If you haven’t seen the pictures I posted yesterday on my facebook page: here you go.

I now have my 1 year visa, my work permit and a bank account in Thailand. I’m now more than ever living, and pay taxes (happy days), in Thailand.

fayamatt work permit thailand


Working “hard” on my Instagram

Going hard those days on my Instagram. I’ve started over my instagram about 3 months ago and now I’m telling my story, 1 picture each day starting when in 2010 when I was in Australia until this days. 

After spending a lot of time there, I’ve noticed that now a lot of people I know or youngsters have between 3k and 10k followers (mind blowing 🙃🙃 ).

For businesses and influences, now it seems that under 20k followers, you ain’t getting much attention. Instagram  has become so huge, I really wish I started taking it seriously before. Better late than never.


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Setting up  goals and starting taking actions

Take a piece of papers and set your goals in each areas of your life. What do you want to learn, achieve, do, get… in the next weeks, months, years…

Having a plan, even a vague one, is so essential to keep moving forward.

I haven’t done it in a while and started again back in September. Now I’m keeping track of them weekly and update them monthly.

Start taking actions today, cut the bullshit and do stuff. No more excuses or blaming others… internet is here, take advantage of it.


How was November for you? What are your goals those days? Let’s connect on twitter on instagram or drop a line in the comment 😉


PS: I got a lot of surprises coming up! Stay tuned 😝😝

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