Dear Samsung, your software suck! (Tizen and Samsung Gear S3 frontier review)

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June 7, 2017
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Dear Samsung, your software suck! (Tizen and Samsung Gear S3 frontier review)

samsung gear s3 frontier tizen

Samsung, I think everything about Tizen and your Samsung Gear S3 has been said in the title.


Listen, I got a Samsung S7 Edge that I love dearly (and that still work even with a broken screen) and a Samsung Gear S3 frontier I bought for my birthday, and in which I’m really disappointed.


“You have the best hardwares”

It’s hard for your competitors nowadays because we all know you’re a huge company with a lot money in the game and you have the best hardwares so far… hands off! You definitely win this battle. Sorry Apple fans, your dear company is buying the screens for the iPhone 8 from Samsung, because they know it’s the best on the market, no question asked.


But when it comes to Software,

You’re losing your shit Samsung. I know it’s vital for your future to have this payment system, your own operating system and AI assistant because right now you rely on Google’s Android that can turn his back any day in the near future. I’m trying to understand, I promise.


samsung gear s3 frontier heartrate

Put some effort into your platform.

I hesitated a long time before I bought the Gear S3 Frontier, because I’m a Google and Android fanboy, because I love that everything seems easy and open on their platform. So I checked every android smartwatches and on most of the websites, they said you have the best option for android users, so I blindly bought your smartwatch. Only to find about after a few minutes that your system is a pain in the ass to use, that there’s close to no apps available on your Galaxy App “Store” and the few ones that look worth it are expensive (compared to similar apps on Google App Store). Common’, I paid 12,900THB for a watch, at least bring some big developers and get some great app running on it so it’s worth keeping it.


Featured app: Caddie for golfer!

Seriously?! How many people do you target with this app? Do you know that your featured app for directions “Here We Go” barely works? That should be the main focus with improving sync with Google apps, because yet, whether you like it or not, if you want Android users to like your watch, it’ll have to work seamlessly with the native Google Apps everybody use on Android.


I hope you got my point

And I deeply hope either you’ll bring developers into your platform or let us put Android Wear 2.0 because as of June 2017, you’re way behind on possibilities and this great piece of hardware that is the Samsung Gear S3 doesn’t live up to it’s potential with Tizen on it. Just Saying.


With care, love and disappointment.

samsung gear s3 frontier macbook

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