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September 18, 2017
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October 24, 2017

Short Story about Body Shots with a Thai Girl in Bangkok

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Do you love Thai Girls? Do you love Shots? Why not combining both?

In a year with MojoSons Events, partying with Thai Girls, drinking shots, and a lot more funny things have become what I call “another day at the office”.


Drinking Shots off a Thai Girl in Bangkok.

Because why not! I’ve been blessed in my life and it started drinking shot between boobs long before coming to Thailand. But now, not only I still get paid for it but the girl have even less clothes on!

I definitely had worst days in my life.


Body Shots in Thailand

So one of the service we offer at MojoSons Events is called Body Shots. We bring a Sexy Thai Model that you choose based on our selection. We put Shots between her boobs and her legs and salt and lime in strategic places (I’m not going to give away all the secrets).

If you feel adventurous and don’t plan on being sober too long you can go all in and drink both shooters. Or you can take it easy and have a mate taking the shot.

As you can guess, it’s pretty popular for Bachelor in Bangkok or groups coming for a Stag Do in Thailand. Any excuse is good to enjoy Thailand treasures.


Boob Luge and Fake Boobs.

I know what question is burning your lips. And the answer is, mostly yes. Yes, most of the boobs you see on MojoSons Instagram (and mine too #selfpromotion) are fake. But let’s be honest for a minute, doing a boob luge with a Girl that have no boobs wouldn’t really work.

I plead guilty! Most of the Party Models that work with us have fake boobs, and I’m really grateful for that ahah. I know so much about fake boobs now I could write a post about it. Maybe I should, maybe I will.

Now about Boob luge. It’s another fun way of drinking that became really popular over the last few years even though there’s nothing new about it. You put your mouth under the girl’s boobs and a friend or a the girl herself pour alcohol between them so it arrives directly in your mouth. Easy.

Caution if you do it with liquor (over 30°)! As you can’t see how much you’re drinking, it can fuck you up pretty fast. I ain’t judging, just sharing my experience. Been there, done it.

meme yacht pattaya boobs


Drinking Tequila Shots on a Thai Girl in Bangkok

Another tip before I let you go! Because I answered this question a thousand time.

How do you drink tequila shots? In what order do you do the shot, the salt and the lime?

You Lick > You Swallow > You bite

Said like this, I’m sure you will remember it. You’re welcome. My pleasure.

Or if you’re lucky enough to have a girl with you: You lick the salt on her nipples, grab the shot between her boobs with your mouth (yes it fits between your teeth you just have to be careful not to bite the glass shot) and then you get the lime between her teeth.

That’s one of the many ways to do it.


Private Party in Bangkok and Pattaya

Now you know more about one thing we’re pleased to organize with MojoSons. To have more details and stories about what we do, feel free to check out our Blog and our Event Company Website and of course, get in touch with me if you ever come to Bangkok. In the meantime I’ll probably be doing Body Shots on a dancer in a Go Go Bar, on a girl in a club … Or I’ll be sitting quietly behind my laptop, writing more tales about my life in Thailand. Who knows?

Have you ever done Body Shots? Tell me about your experience on Twitter or in the comment!

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