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September 14, 2017
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September 24, 2017

10 Reasons to start over your Instagram

start over instagram

There’s really endless reason to start over your Instagram account, but here’s 10 of them to convince you to do it.


1 – The old one Suck

Let’s be honest, this is a good enough reason to start over anything. If you’ve done something for a while but even though you’ve put a lot of work and time into it, it sucks, then you’re free to start over. It’s best for you and the world out there, your vision and skills you had a few years ago might not be the same one you got today. (hopefully)


2- The Archive option

With this new options you can now archive your photos. It means people can’t see them but they’re not deleted. You can put them back whenever you want and you keep your likes and comments. Pretty useful, except the fucking option is first when you click on the menu, on top of the share one. Really annoying.

archive instagram post


3- Start a chronologic one

It can be a good way to tell your story. Starting over from the beginning and show your followers your stories and experiences over the years. Because yes, #throwbackthursday or #tbt had become so big that one day your instagram have posts from different years together and you jump from an old picture of you when you were 18 to your last holiday in a beautiful island. Even though it makes sense for you, for someone who sees your profile for the first time it can be really confusing.


4- Focusing on a few topics

Focus on a few topics that matter the most for you. Don’t try to cover all your life only in Instagram. Use Instagram stories, Facebook or Snapchat for that. Instead, why not focus on your travels and your workouts, so your new followers know what they get by following you.

From what I’ve seen on successful accounts, 3 to 4 topics max is the best.

#travel #lifestyle #workout #nightlife

fayamatt instagram profile


5- Make it more attractive, less confusing

Most of the personal Instagram accounts are hard to follow and mine was no exception. An edited picture of a burger, a blurry picture took at 4am in a club that I don’t even remember, another picture from my trip in Australia 6 years ago and a screenshot of a message with my friend.
Not hard to understand why it doesn’t attract new followers, it’s hard to follow, it’s confusing and it doesn’t convey who you are or what you’re really passionate about. Focus on a few topics and try to post similar pictures, with the same quality, details, edit.

The more attractive your grid is, the more chances you have to get multiple likes by people landing on your profile.


6- Work more on the pictures

I’m not saying that you should edit all your pictures with Photoshop. But between your phone and Instagram tools there’s a lot you can do. Spend some time checking the different filters, play around with the luminosity, contrast, shadows,… Devil is in the details. Instagram has made it easy to edit pictures and add that little extra touch that will take your photo from good to great.


7- Post more consistently and at the right time.

Find a schedule that work for you and your audience. Try posting at different time of the day until you find the one that bring the more likes. Once you found the right one, pick a schedule that work for you. Even though the best would be daily to make your followers tune in everyday, it’s still better to post every 2 days rather than everyday for 3 weeks then nothing for months.

For example, when you’re going on holiday, if you go there for a week, take a bunch of photos so you can post for a month. This way you can give more depth about your trip and tell more to your audience about it.


8- Pay attention to #

Hashtags are the foundation of Instagram. It’s how people find accounts that share the same interests than them. Without that there’s little chance people will find your account and engage with you.

Check out what hashtags the account you follow use. You like tattoos, check out tattoos accounts and find what hashtags their popular posts get in common. It’s a great way to use what’s already working to attract more people to your post.

Don’t forget to refine your hashtags to keep up with new trends and stay on top of the game.


9- Engage with people

All that work, take pictures, sorting them, editing your posts, planning hashtags…. And you don’t even reply to comments 🙂 ah ah. Not only apps like Instagram have algorithm that promote posts with engagement (comments, likes, …) but it’s also the opportunity to connect with new people.

Someone have loved your post enough to take the time to comment on it or to like a bunch of others. Take time to thank them, answer their comment, like their posts, follow them or maybe even Direct Message them, it’s time to connect and start a discussion.


fayamatt instagram road trip

10- Enjoy

Get some fun while doing it. Maybe you’re bored of Instagram, of thinking about the picture, editing, posting it. That’s what happened to me too, it’s why I started over. That’s an opportunity to tell a new story and to get more creative. Get a new style that give people an idea of who 


I’ve decide to start over my Instagram in September 2017. I archived all my post and I know post everyday, telling the story of my life since my first travel in 2010.


Check it out and let me know what you think, I’m always looking for ways to improve it but so far I’m glad I started over, it looks better and it finally make sense.


Will you start over your Instagram? What are your tricks to get more followers?


I’m curious to know, share in the comments here or send me a tweet at @fayamatt.

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