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August 13, 2017
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Tips for my friends who travel to Thailand

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You finally decided to travel to Thailand?

Be ready to discover one of the most interesting country in the world. But before you get in the plane and be on your way to discover the Amazing Thailand, here are a few tips:


Travel to Thailand between December to June

You can come all year round if you really want, it doesn’t often rain all day. Thing is whenever it’s raining, you’re stuck. It’s why July to November might not be the best time if you’re coming for a short trip, or cross your fingers, especially in September and October. From January to May it’s pretty dry and hot everyday, it might be the best time to come around but it’s also the busiest time of the year, so you better plan ahead ;).

My pick would be either December so you avoid winter back home or June/July as you’ll have slightly less tourists in Thailand.

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Don’t Pack to much if you come to Thailand

You don’t need more than a few shorts, a few tops, a pair of jeans or a dress if you want to go out, swim shorts, a pair of sneakers and flip flops. Pack as light as you can.

All the rest you can buy it here! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t go shopping here. Things are usually way cheaper in Thailand if you avoid the tourists traps, especially clothes. You might also want to keep some space in your suitcase to bring souvenirs, electronic, … Think about it in advance before you go there with a full bag and arrive at the end of your trip with 10 extra kilos of luggages you have to pay for.


Thailand ain’t really cheap..

Of course you got cheap food, accommodation and transportation.

But don’t forget you’ll have a lot of free time, which gives you endless things to do because this country never sleep. It’s not that Thailand is really expensive, but you’re always doing something. Taking a cab, buying clothes, visiting a temple or a palace, eating, drinking and eating again…

You might also easily get tempted by the luxurious venues, those fancy hotels and restaurants you wouldn’t be able to afford back home, here it’s accessible. Bring some extra cash and treat yourself!

My advice would be to start saving money asap. Plan ahead, because it doesn’t matter what budget you have in mind for this trip, I assure you you’re gonna spend more than you think. It happens to everyone here.


Have an itinerary for your trip in Thailand.

There’s so much to do, to see, places to visit, parties to attend… You won’t be able to do it all, even if you stay for months.

Make a list of what you want to visit, what you want to see or do. Beautiful beaches, elephants (don’t ride them!), chill next to an infinite pool, get a suntan on a white sand beach, party like crazy, trek, visit temples, explore Bangkok … or anything else. Stay flexible, if you can. Having a few extra days with no plan will give you more flexibility to get better deals on transportation, activities, accommodation… and to stay longer in a place you like.

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A few things about Thai Girls.

To all my male friends traveling to Thailand, please read carefully.

If you go to Vegas, not all the girls are strippers. Maybe if their name is Crystal or Diamond you get yourself one. Except that, you should be good to go.

Same applies to Bangkok and Thailand. Not all girls are for sale and no, not all the beautiful ones are ladyboys.

First, if you “pick up” a girl in a Go Go bar, you’ll have to pay, or get her number and call her later. A girl you meet in a club or bar, depending on where you go you might have more freelancers than regular girls, or almost no freelancers. Just drop me a message and I’ll tell you where to go depending on what you’re looking for. But like I say to everyone, don’t talk about money. Trust me, if she wants to get paid to spend the night with you, you’ll know about it really soon after you met her. Freelancers ain’t shy talking about their rates.

Second, the ladyboys. They will (almost) always tell you they are one. Stop being afraid about hooking up with a girl that is in fact a boy. You will see that 95% of the time you can spot them. The rest 5% you got yourself a unique Thai experience to tell your friends 🤣.🤣. See the bright side.

Third, do like everyone else, use Tinder you moron! It works here way more than anywhere else. So use it!


Send me a fucking message on Twitter @fayamatt.

Don’t be a fucker or think you’re gonna disturb me. If I don’t have time to answer your messages, I’ll let you know. Will I host you? Probably not, but I’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you. I’ll probably join you for a night or a pool party too 😇.

Don’t be shy. Feel free to ask me about anything. Drop a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.


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