fayamatt tattoo reminisce tattoo shop

Getting a Tattoo in Bangkok

Getting a Tattoo in Bangkok for my birthday One more time I had my skin itching for months and became obsessed with tattoos. With my birthday around the corner, I had the perfect excuse to get my first tattoo in Bangkok. 🤗 I remember at the beginning, when I get my first tattoo at 19 in Australia, it was only ...
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songkran fayamatt 2016 silom bangkok

FayaUpdate #2: Songkran, UFC and a lot of Parties!

FayaUpdate #2: Read Thai, Songkran, Birthday and UFC. How you doing beautiful? Good to see you here! April ...
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cost of living bangkok bank notes bahts

My cost of living in Bangkok

A quick dive on my cost of living in Bangkok I know a lot of you think that ...
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study thai kru jan class bangkok

I learn to read Thai

I’ve decided to Study Thai seriously! For me, learn to read Thai was the best way to start ...
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fayamatt ladyboy mojobabe bangkok

My first experience with a Bangkok Ladyboy

My unexpected Bangkok Ladyboy story... That’s quite an embarrassing one, but if I want this blog to work ...
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barber shop bangkok fayamatt

The Best Barber Shop in Bangkok

My go to Barber Shop Bangkok As a guy, there's only 2 things you need to keep your ...
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living in bangkok royal palace

Living in Bangkok, my 10 favorite things about living here!

My 10 Favorite Things about Living in Bangkok. There’s not one day I wake up and I’m not ...
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