FayaUpdate #2: Read Thai, Songkran, Birthday and UFC.

How you doing beautiful? Good to see you here!

April is such an intense month, I thought I would take a break between the posts to let you know what’s going on and talk about some random stuff. 😈


I finished my Thai Reading Course

And boy that feel great. 🤗😎
Now, can I read everything in Thai? Absolutely not! 😂

But I got bits of pieces and a lot of basics words. Best of all, I now got the tools (ok I need remember all the characters first! ฒฤฐ) to learn by myself, read the menus… that’s really game changing. 🔥🔥

I need to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

This days I try to get small chats when I order something. I also try to order everything in Thai and refrain from speaking english especially for basic stuff… It was about time I can order food in Thai. 🙃

Oh and now they think I speak Thai. 🙈

I order something in Thai, so they ask me questions in Thai, and I’m lost… 😂 but at least I'm starting to practice.

Happy me posing with my 38/50 final test. I got a B!

That was my first grade in like… forever. 🤗

Excited to learn Thai and go out in Thai places soon! 📚

I’ve seen almost all the main clubs in Bangkok, time to go explore outside of the main expats areas.


Songkran, My Birthday and more parties

April is going to be a really big month!

This weekend from 13th to 16th, it's Songkran, Thai New Year.

The whole country is shutting down and turning into a giant water fight. 💦💦

This year, I’m gonna be in Bangkok and off for 3 Days.

There’s massive parties everywhere, wet and drunk people at every corners..

Like every years it’s gonna be 3 days of madness: party, drinks, water fights, pool parties, foam parties… add me on snapchat or instagram if you want to follow the parties.

fayamatt snapchat snapcode

Last year I tried to work during Songkran but it was clearly impossible. Everybody was on holidays and traveling to see their family and friends. Nobody gave a damn about anything else.

So this year we’re closing MojoSons Events for 4 days, from 13th to 16th. (both days included  😁)

But we’re coming back strong after that with almost 1 event everyday from the 19th til the end of the month. It’s gonna rain Mojobabes. 💦👙

So again this year I’m gonna spend my birthday (on 22nd) at work.... But this time it’s in a Private Resort in Pattaya with 13 Guests and 10 of our Mojobabes. It could be worst. 😈

Stag Status Update: Drowning in boobs 😁😁

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Now Playing on Youtube and Netflix

What are you watching this days?

Again, I’ve been spending way too much time on Youtube and Netflix lately. 😎

Good news is, Casey Neistat is back to daily vlogging!!! 🔥🔥🔥

That's a really big deal. And it feels good. 🤗

This guy is really an inspiration.

His videos are great, crazy edits, crazy guys, great rhythm... Perfect to watch with you coffee in the morning to get you fired up for the day. ☕


Another thing that get me motivated this days: the UFC. 🔥

It was really interesting all the stories before the UFC 233 last week. I love to watch their Embedded series where they follow the fighters in their preparation before the fights. 🥊

Between Khabib Nurmagomedov change of opponents, Conor McGregor madness after the press conference... it was really fun to watch. 🙃

I don't have what it takes to be a fighter, I hate taking hits but it's really interesting to see them prepare for the fights. I love to watch them evolve, see their different mindsets, motivations, goals... it's really inspiring to see how far they're willing to go to win! 😇

Workout and Spotify Playlists

I’ve been working out everyday and tried to stick to Thai food to get this 6 packs ready for Songkran and save money for parties.

Finding Workout programs is easy. I still use the same app I used for the last 6 years. Fizzup App. 🏋️‍♂️

So all I have to do is press start, and follow the instructions, no trouble there. 😉

But I need some fresh workout playlists.

Mine don’t push me anymore and I’ve tried all the ones on Spotify. None of them suit me.

I need something kickass.

So any song or playlist you recommend, please leave it in the comments or share it with me on my Facebook Page or Twitter.

I'll share mine when they're finally up to dates.  😁


Now I’m gonna go back on editing the upcoming posts and forget that I’m turning 27 in a few weeks (because that hurt 😂).

And you? Let me know what you're up to in the comments! 😈

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