First Time in a Gentlemen Club in Bangkok, my first experience at the PIMP Bangkok.

One of the big benefit of organizing private parties and events in Thailand (with MojoSons Events for those of you who don’t know yet what I’m doing) is to go to places I probably wouldn’t go or do stuff I wouldn’t think about. This time it’s going to a Gentlemen Club in Bangkok. And one of the best in Thailand, THE PIMP Bangkok.


What is a Gentlemen Club?

It's quite easy to guess by the name.

It’s a place for males only, where you can get some sexy company to party with you. It’s not a brothel though. It’s more like a high end club with only girls working for the club that can join you at your table for a fee.

You can enjoy the girls company on spot but if you want more you'll have to pay a bar fine and take her/them with you back to a room. Touching, grabbing flirting is fine… but everything sex related is not included on the menu.

It’s kind of a high end Go Go bar, with better girls, entertainment, service and of course… complete privacy.


gentlemen club bangkok pimp

2 Ways to Party in this kind of Venue

In this place, there’s 2 options:

  • The Public Area with a stage and shows
  • A Private Room in the Gentlemen Club

You can stay in the main area, where all the girls and the shows are. You get a table like in a regular club, look at what is going on on stage, drink with your friends and of course you can invite girls to join you.

For that you pay them what they call a “Lady Drink”. For about 250฿ you can get her something to drink and she’s gonna stick around and spend some time with you while she drinks it.

Obviously, she gets commissions on this “Lady Drink” so the more you buy her drinks, the most likely she’s to stay longer or propose you to bar fine her for more.

You will soon realize they got their way to charm you. We all have principles and thoughts about how we will behave there, until we’re actually in the room with them. This girls are good. They will make you let go of your money but also your problems.

That’s the magic of the Gentlemen Club, like a casino, you forget about the outside world and lose track of everything else.


Private Room at the PIMP

But the most interesting here is to get a private room. Great when you have a large group or/and want some privacy. In the room you got a pool table, a karaoke setup (we’re in Asia right), a big couch and even got your own DJ in the biggest room. It's where it's getting serious.

There, things tend to be more lively. Out of sights from the rest of the club, guys and girls have less reserve. And that’s the whole point of this kind of place. Lose the poker face for a few hours and just enjoy. Go with the flow and let the girls take care of you.


private room the pimp bangkok


Service and Girls in the private room is mind blowing.

What impressed me the most is the first moments in the Private Room.

You get into the private room, start to play pool, setup the karaoke and the party is about to kick off. Before you have time to think about it, they're bringing the girls.

I have to say, sitting on a couch, looking at 40+ girls walking in the room and waiting to get picked is somewhat weird, I even feel a little shy. I must confess it was quite intimidating at first.

Lucky I didn’t have to pick anyone! It would have take me ages to make up my mind. I'm happy our guests took care of it.

With 15 girls for 11 guys, it was definitely a great ratio and the best first time I could ever dream of.

Either you like those kind of stuff or not, it’s definitely a fun experience and I’m glad I had the chance to go to the PIMP Bangkok.

A night in a gentlemen club in Bangkok can only be memorable!

Overall it’s was a great moment. The Thai girls are fun and friendly like in most of those places in Thailand. I wouldn’t assume the girls are as friendly in others country. Thai girls have really this easy going attitude that makes everything fun.

Anyway, it’s a good place to have some quality time with your mates and treat yourself with good alcohol, smoke cigars and get sexy company.

As you can guess it’s also used a lot for business. You’re more open to sign a big contract when you’re drinking premium alcohol with a hot girl in bikini on your lap. As Mayweather said "breasts, vagina, music and alcohol will never go out of style!


cigar fayamatt gentlemen club bangkok

How much cost the PIMP Bangkok?

I only know all the prices for this gentlemen club in Bangkok and I don't find it that expensive. After all it's only a bit more than regular clubs in Bangkok and definitely cheaper than clubs in other big cities in the world. It's worth it if you can afford it.

Let’s be honest, it ain’t cheap, there’s a membership you have to pay, then the bottles are around 5,000฿ each and the private rooms range from 3,500฿ for a small one to a little over 10,000฿.

For the girls, if you’re in the main room you can buy them “Lady’s drinks” as you would in a Go Go Bar in Thailand, which is a good way to spend some time with them and decide if you want more, or not.

If you have a private room in a gentlemen club in Thailand, you can get girls to join you for a few hours and it’s gonna cost you a few thousands bahts. Plus you have to give them something to drink. Usually they get a drink from your bottle and some extra shots.

To give you an idea, in our case it cost a little under 7,000฿/person for a private room, 5 bottles of alcohol and 15 girls for 3 hours. (Excluding extras, shot drinks and bar fines)

THE PIMP Bangkok is one if not the best gentlemen club in Thailand. You definitely got a run for your money and better service, entertainment and Thai girls than in most of the places I’ve seen, no doubt about that.

Any special event, you can go blindly there, you’ll have a special night for sure. No need to hesitate.


Want to go to a Gentlemen club in Bangkok?

Feel free to drop me a message or a comment below if you got any question, I’ll do my best to answer.

If you have a large group, feel free to message us on MojoSons Events so we can use our membership we have with MojoSons and make the booking for you so you don’t have to pay for it yourself. Nice way to save a couple of ฿฿฿, especially if you’re going there only once.


What about you? Have you ever been to a Gentlemen Club in Bangkok? Did you like it?

Let me know in the comments or on twitter @fayamatt.


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