My 10 Favorite Things about Living in Bangkok.

There’s not one day I wake up and I’m not grateful to be living in Bangkok! 🤗

This city is hectic, never sleep and pack so many things that it’s just impossible to get bored of it! 😇

I know it's a crazy place and I understand it can be overwhelming to many. But when you want to enjoy life as much as you can, in your own terms, it’s paradise. Even with a few down sides, living in Bangkok is with no doubt one of the best experience! 🔥

So when my friend or family ask me when I’m going back to France, my answer is always the same… not for more than holidays. ❄

Let me tell you the 10 Things I love the most about living in Bangkok 🐵

living in bangkok royal palace

1. The Hectic Bangkok Lifestyle 🔥

There’s something special about this city. There’s a vibe, an energy that is constantly flowing… it's impossible to describe but you can feel it and it's incredible.  😎

Some will complain that Bangkok is hot, sometime dirty, the traffic is terrible, it's noisy, not speaking Thai can be a struggle...

But that's nothing compare to all the upsides. The city packs everything you can think of and more. 

I can guarantee that whatever the lifestyle you have, you’ll find endless options to live the life you want!

For example if like me you're into Parties, Travels, Business, Workout, Activities, Good Food, an Easy life.... here's what you gonna like in Bangkok. 🙃

westin pool party bangkok fayamatt

2. Thai People 

Welcome to the land of Smile. 😃😃😃

No kidding. I went to France on holidays for 2 weeks and I felt the difference as soon as I came back. It was so good to be back in Thailand. 🙏

In Thailand in general and in Bangkok too, people smile, they’re respectful, they're discrete, they don't push, they don’t stress...

Thai People are really the kindest people I’ve met in my life. Their mentality and way of life brings the perfect balance to my Western lifestyle. 🤗

They help you to take a step back and appreciate the simple things in life. Because you’re not gonna change the way they are and get them to rush. 😂

So Relax (Sabai Sabai) and enjoy the slow life.

fayamatt thai waitress coffee club bangkok

3. Thai Food and more 🌶

It’s hard not to like Thai Food. With so many options and endless flavors you just can't get enough of it.🥣

In Bangkok, you’ll find cheap and tasty food, 24/7, almost everywhere. There's an infinity of restaurants and street food in every streets of the city.

If there's one place where you won't die from hunger, that definitely Thailand. 😆

And if you're French and you crave Cold Cut, Wine and Cheese, you can also find it. Even almost cheaper than in France if you got the right address! 🧀🍷

Thai, French, Italian, Lebanese, Mexican, Japanese... as every major cities, you'll find awesome restaurants in any given cuisine. 🍣🍜🌮

But my day to day go to in Bangkok is still Thai Food. Not only it's everywhere, but you always have so many options. On top of that it's super fast to cook so you can get your plate ready in 5 minutes or less .

Oh, and it's crazy cheap! 💸

In a normal day I eat Thai Food 3/4 times a day and never spend more than 10$. Plus, I don’t have to cook! 😇

thai food asean restauran bangkok

4. The Weather in Bangkok?

Today is gonna be Sunny with over 30 degrees (Celsius). Like yesterday, and like tomorrow.

If like me you hate cold weather, welcome to the right place. You have 33 degrees in average all year long. ☀ And about 15 degrees during “winter”, which is max 2 weeks. 😂

Forget about sweaters, jumpers, jackets… a short and a t-shirt and you’re set, for the year! 👍

What about Rainy season then? Yes there’s one, but that’s only a few months per year. 🌧🌧

Like everybody else you’ll quickly learn to adapt. It’s easy, you just have to cancel all your plans when it rains and wait for it to pass.

benchakiti park sunset bangkok

5. Bangkok Nightlife

I’ll come back on it on more detailed posts because there’s so much to say about it. But again, whatever you like, you’ll find it here. 🥃🍻🍷🍸🎉

There’s trendy club with beautiful people and crazy designs, awesome Cocktail Bars popping up in every neighborhoods and at the same time you can still get smashed for a few $$ with a bucket full of cheap alcohol in Khaosan or at a local bar… 🍻

Add to that GoGo Bars, Gentlemen Clubs, Karaoke, Beers Gardens, Micro Breweries…

Seriously? Even me who love to go out and could party (almost) every nights, I can’t wrap my head around it. 😆

There's so many parties, events, festival, venues... and by the time you’ve tried the main ones, you've got a  bunch of new ones coming up.  😂

sing sing theater bangkok room

6. Thai Girls

Let’s be honest, I don’t know a guy that don’t fall under the charm of Thai Girls. And I’m no exception. 🙈

They’re beautiful, crazy, charming and often have all this little attention toward guys that make you feel like a king. 👑

Try to go out in Clubs or at a Pool Party and not fall in love. 😂

And if you're a Western Guy and single, it’s the right place to up your Tinder game and have some fun! 🔥

Even if you're in a relationship, it's always good to feel you're desired. It's sort of paradise for Western guys.

mojosons events team corporate bangkok

7. Business Opportunities

I’m always impressed by how much money is flowing into Bangkok! 💸💸💸

And there's more than the tourism that contribute to it. When you hangout in the trending neighborhoods of the city it's impressive the amount of wealth you'll see. 👑💎

Luxury cars, malls, luxury boutiques, high end bars and restaurants... and it's often packed.

Add to this all the expats that come to enjoy the sun and the low taxes and bring even more money in town… (I’m not talking about the old sexpats 🤦‍♂️) 

If you think Bangkok is a second zone city, think again! It’s not Singapore, Hong Kong or Dubai, but it’s a big hub for business in Asia.

It's also a great place for startups and a great place to start a business with low risks.📈

That's why you've got a ton of businesses and digital nomads filling in the co-working spaces that pop up at all around the city. 

With all that combined and a lot of expats entrepreneurs (and fellow French), it makes it easier to network and meet the right people to take your business to the next level. 🚀

coworking thonglor iron man bangkok

8. Bangkok is an Open Gate to Asia

When you need to get away from the city and get some fresh air you got plenty of options for travels. ✈

Start with Thailand. 🇹🇭 There's so much to see in this country.

Mountains, Waterfalls, Islands, huge beaches... You got it all already. And local flights or buses are super cheap.

Now if you want to explore Asia, you're in the perfect spot. From Bangkok you're just a short flight away from amazing places like Singapore, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia...

Want more? What about China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia or even Australia? It's not that far either. Especially for someone like me who moved from Europe. 🌏

It's also not that expensive for your family and friends to come visit. With daily flights, the airfares are pretty affordable, and they already know Thailand is amazing and cheap.

It's one of the main reason I moved here. Even though I didn't travel much lately, I can't wait to get on a plane 10 times a year and go explore Asia and Oceania. 🛫

fayamatt longtail boat lagoon thailand

9. Living in Bangkok helps you stay in Humble

Think you had a tough day? Think again.🤔

When you remember that most employees at 7-Eleven** are paid about 350$ a month. When you see people probably 70 years old pushing their food cart at 1am...

Just thinking about all this smiles you all day from people that have way less than you do.

That seriously helps you stay down to earth and remember what really matters. 🤗

I have to admit, sometimes when I feel down I just walk around the city and it reminds me how fortunate I am. 🙏 Gratitude is the key to happiness.

Living in Bangkok reminds it to you daily. 😇


10. It’s a Challenge to stay here

It's not only about Bangkok but it's the life as an expat in general. 🛂

If in Australia you can work as a dishwasher before you find something better, in Bangkok you better have skills, diplomas or be creative if you want to have a chance to stay here. 💵💵

When you live in your home country there’s a lot you take for granted. As an expat you don’t have that luxury.

Want things to happen? You want health cover? A visa that allow you to stay there? You’re gonna have to get off your ass everyday and work for it. 😆

But Bangkok is full of opportunities so if you really want to stay, you'll make it happen. In a way,  like New York:

If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

fayamatt thai work permit visa
It took me 18 months to get all this!!


Ever been to Bangkok? What do you like the most about it? 🇹🇭

Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


PS: There’s one thing I didn’t talk about here but that I need to mention. That’s 7-Eleven.

For those who don’t know the brand 7-Eleven, it’s the most famous convenient stores in Thailand. There's over 10,000 of them in the country.

When you’re living in Bangkok, it’s always part of your life. Either to get food at 3am, buy drinks, pay your bills, top up your phone… It deserves a dedicated post only to scratch the surface of everything you find and can do at 7-Eleven.

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