I’ve finally found the right Office in Bangkok

Back in 2016 when we started MojoSons Events, we had to look for an office because we needed a place where we could focus on work. 🐵💻

If you can work from your home, I’m happy for you. For me, it’s impossible. The noise, the laundry I forget to do, chilling on my couch for a break… Every excuses are good to stay away from my laptop. So here we are, looking for the right office in Bangkok. 🇹🇭

the hive prakanong office bangkok

A lot of different type of office spaces

You’re confronted to endless options when you’re looking for an office in Bangkok. Because the rent is cheap compared to Europe or North America, a lot of westerners (me included) have a look at renting a whole office as it’s often cheap for the space you have. 

But truth is, in my opinion, you find yourself lonely pretty fast. Bills start piling up, and you’re missing on networking opportunities. 🤔

First, we stayed at the Hive Thonglor for a few months. Then moved to the one in Prakanong due to internet issues. Both are great, the design is really cool, you have 24/7 access, free coffee, some events… The one in Thonglor even have a massage place where you get a discount as a member, oh and a gorgeous terrace on the top.

Only thing I didn’t like is it’s sort of too big. We saw a lot of people but didn’t connect really with anyone. Everybody’s in their buble or office.

Finally we took an office in Soi 43 in a condo with a Gym and a large pool. But after a few months we realized it was an expense that didn’t really made sense for our small business. A coworking space was still the right match for us. It gives you more flexibility and the opportunity to meet new people. You’re always one contact away from the one that will make you rich :D. 💸😁

private office bangkok mojosons

Mint Worklounge in Thonglor

There's a few reason why I choose to move to this specific Coworking Space in Bangkok.

First, Thonglor is only 10 minutes drive from where I live. If you're in Bangkok, you know that traffic is pretty insane. The less commute you have to do everyday, the better it is. For most people I know it’s the first thing look at when we look for a new condo or office, the location.

Second reason, the price. A lot of places go insane on prices, you have coworking spaces at over 8,000฿ per month where the coffee isn't even good (yes, that’s important). Most places will give you a limited access to a printer, meeting rooms and even sometime the working space itself. Why would you only let people work from 10am to 6pm? 🕐🤔

Often, offices or coworking spaces have limited food options around. So sometimes it’s easier to get delivery in Bangkok or you need to drive if you don’t want to spend at least 300฿ for a dish… 🍜

Good thing with Mint Workounge is that it’s 2 minutes walk from endless food options, street food, 7/11, Tops Market… and of course you still can get food delivery. 🏍

Last thing is the ownership. Kenneth (the owner) will always introduce newcomers to the rest of the office. So you know who’s sitting next to you and what they do. Add to that a few Beers on the terrace and you’re set.

That’s key when you got a business and even more when you’re an expat. Networking. Between a huge Office or CoWorking Space where you’re just a number and one where you easily connect with people… it’s easy to make a choice.

coworking thonglor iron man bangkok


The reasons why I love having my office in Thonglor

Just to name a few.

  • Food and bars! 🍻 You have a ton of options for good food and drinks.
  • The Neighborhood. Thonglor is one of the trendiest place in Bangkok. That makes it a bit expensive but it’s the price to pay to have a lively environment. Tons of bars, clubs, restaurants, events...
  • The Location. 🗺 You're in a pretty central place in Bangkok. It's easy to access, either through Petchaburi or Sukhumvit road. You can get to pretty anywhere in the city center in less than 1 hour.
  • The Transports. 🚖 It’s super easy to find cabs at any time of the day, and it’s 5 minutes away (in motorbike taxi) from the BTS Station.


mint worklounge thonglor office room

To Sum Up. Why you should come to work at Mint Worklounge?

  • The Location
  • Cool People
  • Endless options for food and drinks around it.
  • 24/7 Access
  • Good Price
  • Free drinkable coffee (not the case everywhere)
  • Chill Rooftop
  • Life Size IronMan 
  • .....

office thonglor bangkok terrace beer

Here’s a few places I suggest around:

(more to come... )


office thonglor mintworklounge graffiti

You’re a digital Nomad looking for an office, coworking space or coffee shop to work?

Check out my list of places I recommend on Google Maps:


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